Hello Neighbor

The player needs to find clues by exploring the neighbor's house and the neighborhood around the house. Hello Neighbor is an indie horror game released on July 28, 2017. It follows a child's neighbor who has not been seen for some time. The protagonist decides to investigate and finds him trying to steal the family's secrets.


Hello Neighbor is a first person stealth horror game that has the player trying to find clues about the neighbor’s house without being seen. The gameplay is built around the player being stealthy and sneaking around the house and into the neighbor’s house. There are various ways to do this, such as the player can knock on a door and then hide while the neighbor answers it, or the player can sneak through the neighbor’s backyard. There are three gameplay objectives that the player can complete in order to progress to the next stage. The game is played in dark environments, and is set in the suburbs. The player can use items found in the environment to distract or knock out the neighbor. The game starts with the protagonist's neighbor talking to them about how he has not been able to sleep, and asks for a cup of water. The protagonist leaves and returns to find that their neighbor has broken into their house, tied them up, and closed doors and windows. The player has to solve puzzles to get out of the house and rescue their family.


The graphics are pixelated, and the game is set in a dark, suburban setting. The gameplay is mostly at night. The game is set in the Midwest, and the graphics reflect the setting. The game uses a 2D style with 3D graphics.


Most players will not want to replay the game because it is a horror game, and it is very dark. The game is quite replayable, as it has multiple endings and many puzzles.


This game is very creepy and scary, and is perfect for teenagers and adults who do not mind playing horror games. It is very immersive, and is a creepy game with good graphics.

  • The game is interactive
  • The game is immersive
  • The graphics are good
  • The game is spooky
  • There are many different ways to complete the game
  • The game is dark and scary
  • The game is not very long
  • There are not many puzzles
  • There is no tutorial
  • The game is creepy