Among Us

Together, they will explore an eerie, abandoned village lost in a time long forgotten.


Among Us is a third person video game that is horror themed. The graphics are really high quality and the scenery is fantastic. The graphics are really realistic and I’ve never seen graphics this good in a video game before.

The graphics are excellent. The game is set in a terrifying, dark environment and the graphics do a great job of creating this atmosphere.


The gameplay is really good, but there are a few downsides. I found that the controls are a bit messed up and you have to be really careful when you’re playing. There are also a few bugs that will make the game lag.

The gameplay is very good, it is different from other games in the sense that you are playing as a family. You as the player need to navigate a dark and mysterious environment with the help of your family. The controls are not difficult to learn, and they are intuitive.


The controls are very complicated and you have to be really careful when you’re playing. There are a few bugs that will make the game lag. Controls are very intuitive. You can easily use the controller to explore the world.


I found that the replayability of the game is really high. The game is always changing and there are always new things going on.

This is a story of a family that you want to play with the whole family. It is a great game for a family to play together.


The Among Us game is an interactive exploration of the many layers of human interaction. The game challenges the player to navigate the various perspectives of themselves, their friends, and even the people they hate. It is a very engaging and thought-provoking game that encourages the player to take a second and third look at their relationships. 

I would recommend this game to anybody who is looking for a good horror themed game. With excellent graphics and fun gameplay, Among Us is a game that a family can enjoy.

  • A good way to teach your children about different types of peopleж Different ages can play the game togetherж A good way to teach children about different cultures
  • The game is only available on mobile