The game is open-source, which means anyone can modify the game and share their creations with the community. is a vehicle-physics sandbox game that was made by a British company called BeamNG. It includes a vast amount of different vehicles and a wide range of different terrains, from the desert to the snow-covered mountains. The graphics are not the best on the market, but they are satisfactory nonetheless.


In, the player can drive, modify and crash any of the vehicles in the game. The player can also use the garage to create their own vehicles. The game features a variety of environments, such as towns, deserts, canyons, and forests. There are also a variety of different vehicles to choose from.

In, players can choose to play in a variety of game modes: Free Roam, Free Drive, Scenarios, and Multiplayer. In Free Roam, players can drive around, explore the map, or take part in multiplayer games. Free Drive is a mode in which players can choose a location or a part of the map that they want to drive around in order to complete a certain objective. In Scenarios, players are given a one-time goal to accomplish in a certain amount of time. Multiplayer is a mode in which players can compete against each other, or work together to complete a goal.

The gameplay is really varied. It includes racing, off-roading, crashes, missions, etc. There are also various game modes that can be selected, and there are many different modes in which to achieve the goals. The game includes a wide variety of vehicles, with car, truck, bus, semi, and even a boat.


The graphics in are detailed and well-made. The game features realistic light effects, such as the reflection of headlights on surfaces. The cars are detailed and the environment looks realistic. The graphics in are quite realistic. The game also includes weather effects, day and night cycles, and a variety of cars. The graphics are not the best on the market, but they are satisfactory nonetheless. The quality is not as good as some other driving games, but the graphics are still good enough to enjoy the game.

Replayability has a high replayability, due to the highly-detailed map and the variety of vehicles. has a variety of game modes, and can be played in different ways with different cars. The replayability is high. The game is not linear, and the player is free to explore the game world and progress in any way they want.

Conclusion is a great game because it's free, it allows the player to drive any vehicle they want, and the graphics are quite good. The game also includes a variety of game modes and vehicles.

  • Highly detailed map
  • Variety of vehicles to choose from
  • Realistic graphics
  • Limited amount of tracks
  • Limited amount of game modes