It was publicly released on May 17, 2009, and its popularity skyrocketed after being posted to the social news website Reddit. Minecraft is a game that encourages exploration. 


Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game that has a blocky style. You play in a 3D world with the ability to move up, down, left, or right, as well as rotate the camera left or right. There are many different blocks that make up the environment, such as dirt, stone, water, and lava. These blocks can be mined with either a pickaxe or a shovel. If you are near lava, you may want to run in the other direction, as it can set you on fire.

Minecraft has no graphics, but that is the point. It’s up to the player to create their own world. There is a flat surface where the player can build anything they want, or even import structures from the internet.


The objective of the game is to explore the environment and survive in it. You can explore forests, mountains, caves, and more. With your survival skills, you can collect resources to build with. You can create a shelter, a farm, and more. Creating a shelter and farm near a source of food such as water or a forest are a good idea. You can also create weapons and armor and fight off the evils in the environment.

The goal in Minecraft is to survive the night with all the mobs. It is a sandbox game and the goal is to survive the night with all the mobs. There are no set objectives, which means it’s up to the player what to do. The player has the option of fighting the mobs, building their own shelter, exploring the caves, or creating a farm. The game is about creativity, exploration and survival.


Gameplay requires you to control your movement and camera rotation using the keyboard and mouse. You can also employ your mouse to navigate your character.

Minecraft does not have a tutorial, but the controls are simple. The player must find blocks and minerals to build anything. They can punch trees to get wood or break open a rock to find ores. The player must also fend off the mobs that attack at night.


Minecraft is an interesting game to play again and again, as it always has something new to offer.

Minecraft is a game with a huge replay value. The game is about creativity, exploration and survival, which makes it fun for the players to build their own world. While there isn't a guide, the controls are easy to use.


Minecraft is a game where players can create structures with various materials in a 3D game world. Players can also move freely in the game world. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox independent video game. The objective is to explore the environment and survive in it. The player can create a shelter and farm near a source of food. Controls are required for gameplay and the environment is always changing. The game is replayable.

  • Graphics
  • Variety of things to buy
  • Competition
  • It's an immersive game
  • Can be expensive
  • Can be hard to learn