Snapchat Announces More Features for Snapchat+ Subscribers

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 24 Oct, 2022
Snapchat Announces More Features for Snapchat+ Subscribers

The creators of the app recently announced that the relatively inexpensive Snapchat+ subscription for $US3.99 per month will soon be updated with new features. And although the new changes are not large-scale, the company assures that they will make an already tempting offer even more interesting.

One of the most noticeable changes at first glance was the ability to control the duration of the Custom Story Expiration. Users with S+ subscription can now set the duration from one hour to a week. It is worth noting that last month, users discovered it during the testing process, and even then they considered it quite useful.

Another useful addition for owners of a free subscription is customizable notification sounds. Subscribers with S+ will be able to set different sound alerts for different users, and thus, without even looking at the screen, they will know who took their photo.

Snapchat has 3 types of color frames and exclusive backgrounds in anticipation of Halloween. Also, users will now be able to gift Snapchat+. Representatives of the company claim that Snapchat + will be an excellent gift for a person who likes to take selfies or a creative person. And with ever-expanding content, it will become more and more useful over time.

It is worth noting that the functionality unlocked with the purchase of Snapchat+ also includes additional data insights, variable app badges, and icons, as well as a number of useful options for superusers. Meanwhile, this subscription does not globally expand the user's capabilities, but only provides small pleasant bonuses.

Would you like to purchase Snapchat+? Do you find new features for Snapchat+ subscribers enticing? Please share your thoughts below.


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