Sea of Thieves – Rare is “Exploring the Return of Six-Ship Servers”

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 07 Apr, 2024
Sea of Thieves – Rare is “Exploring the Return of Six-Ship Servers”

Ahead of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 release of Sea of Thieves, Rare, the game's developer, shared insightful details through a recently released FAQ section. One key takeaway from this dialogue was the consideration of potentially reviving the concept of six-ship servers as the game prepares to welcome a surge of players from the PS5 community. Rare elaborated on how the team is actively exploring this possibility and promised to keep players informed about any progress.
Historically, Sea of Thieves has limited servers to five ships, though attempts were made in the past to extend this to six. This endeavor was not successful at the time, but the idea has remained popular among the game's community. With the PS5 launch on the horizon, which is expected to significantly expand the player base, the reintroduction of six-ship servers is seen as a plausible enhancement that could enrich the gaming experience.
In addition to discussing server capacities, Rare addressed the topic of cross-platform play. The developer assured that Sea of Thieves on PS5 would support interaction across different platforms. However, for players preferring an exclusive PlayStation environment, the option to join PlayStation-only servers will be available.
Furthermore, Rare provided some clarity regarding compatibility with the new PlayStation hardware. It confirmed that Sea of Thieves would be accessible via the PlayStation Portal. However, there are currently no plans to integrate support for PlayStation VR2, focusing instead on other areas of the game.
The anticipated Sea of Thieves is set to make its PS5 debut on April 30th, with a closed beta period kicking off earlier on April 12th. This launch is expected to bring in a wave of new players and potentially pave the way for exciting developments like the return of six-ship servers, all of which points towards a bright future for the beloved multiplayer pirate adventure.

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