Snapchat Launches AI Chatbot Based on OpenAI's GPT Technology

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 27 Feb, 2023
Snapchat Launches AI Chatbot Based on OpenAI's GPT Technology

Social media giant Snapchat has recently announced the launch of its experimental chatbot feature based on OpenAI’s GPT technology. The AI chatbot, dubbed as My AI, will be initially available for Snapchat+ users as an experiment and will later roll out to all users in the coming months. The company has requested users to submit feedbacks for improvements to make it more user friendly and efficient in the future.

According to an official blog post from Snap, My AI is powered by the latest version of OpenAI's GPT technology which has been customised for Snapchat. It is designed to provide users with a more personalised experience while using the platform and make conversations more natural and engaging. The feature can also recommend interesting content or advice when users ask.

Moreover, this new feature can also help businesses interact with their customers better. For example, companies can use My AI to answer customer queries quickly and accurately without having human employees handle each request individually. This could potentially save businesses time and money while allowing them to provide better customer service at the same time. It could also help brands build a stronger connection with their followers through meaningful interactions facilitated by artificial intelligence (AI).

In addition, Snap has also warned its users not to share any secrets or sensitive information with the chatbot, as all conversations are being recorded for review purposes. As such, it would be better if users kept private matters between themselves and their contacts instead of relying entirely on My AI for communication needs at this stage of development.

All in all, Snap's new experiment seems like a promising step towards making conversations between humans and machines easier – something that many companies are striving for these days. We'll have to wait and see how successful this project is once it rolls out fully across all platforms soon enough!

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