Minecraft Live 2022: Community Votes Updated

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 12 Sep, 2022
Minecraft Live 2022: Community Votes Updated

If you have been wondering whether there will be a Minecraft Live event this year, the answer is yes. It was announced by Mojang and Microsoft in September 2022, scheduled on October 15. And certainly it will be the place where fans can vote: which of the proposed mobs will be added to Minecraft in the following update.

This time, though, the voting process will differ from what it used to be. While previously players could track the results in real time on Twitter, this time the process will be concealed from the community. It’s only at the event itself that the results will be made public. Fans may consider this wither an added intrigue or an attempt to steal the votes – choose what you want. The polls will open the day before the event, on October 14, on Minecraft.net, in the Minecraft launcher, or on a dedicated Bedrock server.

As for the event, it will not be solely focused on Minecraft, since the game has spawned some spinoffs and is preparing more. Minecraft Legends is an upcoming game that will combine strategy and action, both slowing down the maddening tempo of strategy games and putting the player in the middle of the events. If you want to learn more about what Legends will be, the event will shed some light on it too.

As for Minecraft Dungeons, this action-adventure game in the Minecraft setting is already available since June 2022, but it will also have its content updated. What exactly will be added? The event will also answer to this.

The official event trailer is already here, and you can take a look at what Mojang has in store. The video features numerous frogs, so maybe they will be as prominently featured at the event.

Which of these games are you interested in the most? What do you expect from the event? And will you buy Minecraft Legends as soon as it’s out? We care about your opinion and would like to read it in the comments!


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