Grand Theft Auto Online Receives Essential Security Update

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 01 Feb, 2023
Grand Theft Auto Online Receives Essential Security Update

The Grand Theft Auto Online community can finally breathe a sigh of relief as Rockstar Games has released a security update that removes a dangerous exploit. Patch 1.66, which requires a download of 350 MB of data, ensures the safety of the gamers.

The update follows a week ago when a vulnerability was discovered in the network module of Grand Theft Auto 5. It allowed for remote modification of statistics on GTAO accounts, potentially resulting in blocked, damaged, or deleted accounts of the rightful owners. There was also fear that it could lead to changes made to users’ computers without the owners being aware.

The patch once and for all removes the vulnerability and introduces a new data protocol for improved security during network sessions in Grand Theft Auto Online. It has also incorporated general stability fixes. Tez2, a whistleblower specializing in Rockstar Games news, has confirmed the removal of the exploit in a thread on the GTAForums website. 

All in all, the update is an absolute must for all Grand Theft Auto Online, players to ensure the security of their accounts and computers. It also ensures the integrity of the game as a whole by preventing malicious activities and keeping cheaters in check. The gaming experience is now much safer and smoother, thanks to Rockstar Games. 

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