Chug Along the Most Enticing Railway: Top 10 PC Train Games You Shouldn't Miss Out On

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 25 Jul, 2023
Chug Along the Most Enticing Railway: Top 10 PC Train Games You Shouldn't Miss Out On

If your passion is to construct vast railway empires, manage precise logistics, conduct immersive journeys across stunning landscapes, or simply take joy in the intricate details of a locomotive, the world of train games on PC has got you covered. Here, we delve into the most popular train games that are generating a buzz among gaming enthusiasts.

1. Train Simulator 2020

Our list begins with the most recognized name in the train gaming genre, Train Simulator 2020, by Dovetail Games. This game allows you to experience the realism of driving different types of trains around meticulously modeled real-world routes. With the ability to select between diesel, electric, or even steam trains, each with highly interactive cabins, you can manage every detail, from adjusting the train pressure to setting up the signal system. Train Simulator 2020's impressive range of DLC modules, scenic landscapes, and detailed graphics make it the perfect platform for train aficionados.

2. Railway Empire

For enthusiasts yearning to step into the steel-toed boots of a railroad tycoon during the epochal age of steam, Railway Empire is the express ticket to their aspirations. This strategic gaming masterpiece tasks you with constructing a far-flung and intricate railway empire, acquiring over 40 distinct trains, and erecting a slew of stations, maintenance buildings, factories, and tourist hotspots, all in a bid to dominate the industry. Pitting you against a formidable AI adversary and offering a campaign mode that chronicles the riveting tale of rail travel's evolution, Railway Empire serves up an extraordinarily engrossing gaming venture.

Railway Empire game

3. Train Valley 2

Train Valley 2 is an ideal choice for those seeking a more casual train game. With its cute, colorful art style, simplified controls, and deceptively complex puzzle gameplay, it is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages. You are tasked with building an efficient rail network to transport passengers and goods between growing towns, all within a budget. With 50 levels and sandbox mode, Train Valley 2 provides hours of fun as you maneuver around various obstacles to keep your trains running smoothly.

4. Mashinky

Mashinky introduces a unique twist to the train game genre by cleverly balancing strategic planning and rewarding simulation. The game is played in turns – you build tracks, buy trains, and transport passengers and goods in a 3D world during the daytime. At night, you switch pov to a 2D world where you can plan future expansion. Striking a perfect balance between strategy and real-time decision-making gameplay, it presents a unique challenge for those who enjoy strategy games.

5. Train Fever

Train Fever is an economically nuanced city-building game that puts a heavier emphasis on logistics and economics. Your task is to develop a thriving transport company that meets the needs of growing cities. You are responsible for the entire transport system – set tracks and roads, buy new vehicles, define lines, and transport goods and passengers. The game’s economy system will test your leadership skills as cities grow dynamically and demand different goods over time.

Train Fever game

6. Trainz: A New Era

Trainz: A New Era is the latest release in the long-running Trainz series and perhaps the most atmospheric one. It allows you to control various trains in a realistic and immersive environment. The game gives you the freedom to build your railway dreamland from scratch or use the pre-built routes. One unique feature that sets Trainz apart is its multiplayer mode, where players can operate a working railroad, leveraging the help of their friends.

7. Sid Meier’s Railroads!

Sid Meier’s Railroads! is a classic railroad tycoon game that combines elements of business simulation with real-time strategy. You will buy railroad stations, create railway routes, and control the delivery of goods to make profits. Despite the toughness of the competition, the game rewards smart strategies to outmaneuver rival tycoons. Its charming visuals combined with a relaxing music score make Railroads! an unforgettable gaming experience.

8. Derail Valley

Derail Valley is for players looking for train simulations with a VR twist. You can realistically control locomotives with your own hands, manage your cargo, earn money, and upgrade your train simulating the life of a real train driver. It features an open-world environment with gorgeous landscapes to explore and a career mode that will keep you hooked as you work your way up.

Derail Valley game

9. Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a minimalist subway layout game that puts the whole underground network at your fingertips. Balance the commuter rush as passengers impatiently wait for your carefully planned subway lines to transport them to their required stations. With its beautifully abstract graphics and calming soundtrack, Mini Metro is not only fun and challenging but wonderfully soothing - a perfect game to wind down.

10. Rule the Rail

Last yet not least, Rule the Rail allows players to design a perfect miniature railway system in a finely detailed environment. This game has a superb level of complexity with a range of model trains, customizable track layouts, and plenty of scenery options, which brings out the model train enthusiast in all of us. Its focus purely on the fun of designing and operating a model railway makes Rule the Rail a refreshing addition to your game library.

In conclusion, these ten games cater to the diverse tastes of train enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking intricate planning, immersive simulators, or the joy of driving a train, PC train games offer something unique for everyone.

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