10 Reasons Why Pokémon Unite Is Great (But You Didn’t Know)

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 29 Mar, 2022
10 Reasons Why Pokémon Unite Is Great (But You Didn’t Know)

Pokémon games appear every year, and often in pairs. Many of them can be skipped if you are not a franchise fan. But Pokémon Unite is different, and not simply because it doesn’t require a Nintendo Switch but can be played on Android or iPhone/iPad. Though it takes some time to taste it, the game is really rewarding. And here are ten things about it that you may skip at your first experience with it.

Customized Controls

Does the game seem hard? You can change it by just moving the controls. It doesn’t show as much on mobile devices, but on Nintendo Switch you can customize your tactile experience, so Pokémon Unite starts feeling much better.

Adjustable Settings

It’s another point why you shouldn’t drop Pokémon Unite if you didn’t like it at first. If you change the framerate, it can look much better. And if you opt for a targeting wheel, combat may become easier and the game more rewarding. 

Try Before Unlock

As you come to unlock a new Pokémon, you can try the options before you choose one. Of course, your roster may contain many pocket monsters, but you will still like some of them more than others. But if you haven’t made up your mind, you can try them on the field and then buy. Or not.

Healing Bases

You are told about this in the tutorial but may have skipped it. So we’ll repeat. Your bases are of interest to your opponents to drop the energy at. But as you enter your base, your health regenerates. What’s the greatest about this is that you can teleport to your base. It means you leave the hottest area, but if you get killed, your presence there makes no sense anyway.

Items Stats Upgradable

As you raise your player stats, you can get items that add more abilities. They are worth remembering of, as they can be upgraded, and the advantage they give is noticeable.

Grass Hides You

It can enable you to make good tactical maneuvers. In the grass, the opponents may miss your presence, and you can all of a sudden drop the energy on their base, or just attack one of them.

Call Your Team with the Mini Map

Like in many strategies or tactical combat games, you can call for help to a certain point on the map. That’s where the minimap comes in handy. Choose the point where to call them if you need help or see a vulnerability in their defense.

Combo Attacks Worth Exploring

One of the greatest things about Pokémon that make them so inexhaustible for generations is their ability to multiple attacks. And what if you create combos out of them? These combos may cause unpredictable effects; all you need is to try. With different Pokémon, combos can have various effects. And, given how different the opposing Pokémon is, there is incredibly much to explore.

Teleport Through Walls

Can these walls be penetrated through? Yes, they can, if you equip the Eject Button as your battle item. With it, you can teleport through walls, which will be a big surprise. Especially if your opponent leaves their base unprotected. 

The Last Two Minutes Decide the Winner

A regular match lasts 10 minutes. Yet, the last two minutes can be the definitive as the points you score are doubled. It is especially great if your team manages to do a wild Zapdos that appears out of the blue in the middle of the combat and gives 110 points to its defeaters.

Players Unite!

Pokémon Unite is one of those games that require some time to start to understand, but the more you play and learn about it, the more fun you have with it. Of course, the same is with the entire Pokéverse: the deeper your immersion gets, the more of a fan you become. Are there any other features you have grown to like about Pokémon Unite as you advanced in it? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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