What to Expect from iOS 16: The Main Features of iOS 16 Beta

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 22 Jul, 2022
What to Expect from iOS 16: The Main Features of iOS 16 Beta

The evolution of iOS got slower these years, offering none of the revolutions that happened in the early days. Yet iOS still has a lot to show with each update. iOS 16 Beta has gone public, and now we can take a look at the new features it delivers. The most noticeable part of it is about health, but there is more to it.

What we see first is the visual refresh: Lock Screen Creator will enable you to create custom lock screens with widgets. It even supports multiple lock screens, which you can switch with a simple swipe without unlocking your iPhone. The “Live Activity Box” is a new way to deliver notifications while following particular events (through third-party apps as well). The lock screens got better integration with Focus mode. As for Focus, it lets you easier switch between work and rest, setting various calendars, Safari tab groups, and notification modes to each Focus mode.

iMessage also got a couple of additions, like the ability to unsend or edit messages, as well as improved dictation and editing the recognized text. Photos app got a feature named Visual Lookup, allowing you to copy and paste any focused object from the picture: the AI outlines it neatly. You can paste and send these sticker-like objects in iMessage too. Another addition in Photos is shared albums you can make and edit with other iOS users.

The health hub of the new iOS includes a new feature – Medication Tracker. With it, you can plan your medication intake for weeks, set reminders, and even select pill icons to avoid confusing them. The hub even tells you how your medicines are compatible with each other or with substances like alcohol.

There are other minor but good improvements, like the ability to share a group of tabs in Safari, the Sound Recognition tool, or Live Captions for audio within any app that produces sounds. And which feature do you consider the most useful? If you have already tried the bets, how did it work? Share your experiences and expectations with us in the comments!

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