Upcoming Android 14 to Enhance Split-Screen App Feature, Closing the Gap With Competitors

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 21 May, 2023
Upcoming Android 14 to Enhance Split-Screen App Feature, Closing the Gap With Competitors

For Android users, the split-screen app feature has become an indisposable multitasking tool. Yet, with the rollout of Android 14, Google is set to enhance this function further, addressing the current limitations of the feature in its native version. The update will allow users to save their preferred app pairings on their devices, providing a seamless multitasking experience.

Current Android users may already be familiar with the App Pair function, which allows two applications to run simultaneously, side-by-side. However, users often have to reconfigure their preferred pairings each time they close the apps, as the Pixel hardware does not support saving these configurations. This issue was brought to light in a recent leak by freelance tech journalist Mishaal Rahman, who discovered a "launcher flag" in the second Android 14 beta, hinting at a forthcoming "Save app pair" tool in the context menu.

While the ability to save app pairings may not be novel for some Android users, the feature has not yet been available in the base version of the Android OS or on Pixel devices. Brands like Samsung have already incorporated similar functionality into their Galaxy phones since 2017, while Google Pixel devices have lagged. The latest leak, therefore, showcases Google's attempt to catch up to its competitors.

Another hint for enhanced multitasking in Android 14 comes from industry leaker Nail Sadykov, who found a new feature allowing users to interact with system navigation while simultaneously dragging and dropping items. This update eliminates the need for copying and pasting, as users can simply highlight text or images and move them between apps. While this capability exists in iOS and other smartphone brands like Oppo, Google has been slow to adopt it.

In conclusion, the Android 14 update is poised to bring essential improvements to the split-screen app feature, leveling the playing field with its competitors. These small yet crucial quality-of-life updates are expected to enhance the user experience significantly, and users will be eager to see whether these features will roll out as part of the Pixel 8 launch. As Google catches up in the field of mobile multitasking, users can look forward to a more seamless and efficient experience on their Android devices.

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