Unveiling the Secret Features of Google Home App Update

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 07 May, 2023
Unveiling the Secret Features of Google Home App Update

Google is pushing the boundaries of home automation by introducing new features on its Home app, including support for smart garage doors and an improved Inbox feed. These innovations aim to make the user experience even more seamless while managing smart home devices. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect when trying out these features and how to access them before the masses.

One of the most exciting features in the Google Home app update is the integration of smart garage doors. With the large on/off toggle, you can now open and close your garage doors directly from the app. Though the feature was spotted a few weeks ago, it's now confirmed to be fully functional with specific Tailwind and Nexx garage door brands. However, the complete list of supported products remains unknown as Google has yet to make an official announcement.

Another notable feature is the new Inbox feed, which is accessible via a notification bell icon. This feed effectively replaces the previous Activity tab by displaying recent events throughout your smart home. There seems to be some variation in the placement of the bell icon, depending on which version of Google Home you have. With version 3.0, the Activity clock icon in the bottom bar turns into a bell, while the Google Home Public Preview version places it next to the profile picture.

To access these features, you'll need to download Google Home version 3.0 from the Play Store or join the Google Home Public Preview program. By opting into this program, you can get an invitation to install the beta version of the app and explore the new features, leaving the program whenever you like.

Besides the features mentioned above, Google is also in the process of redesigning the lighting tool within the app. The upcoming design includes a more versatile circular slider for color selection, a temperature slider for warmer or cooler hues, and a pill-shaped slider for brightness adjustments. Currently, these redesigned lighting tools are unavailable to the public, as they are being tested internally in the dog food version of Google Home.

In conclusion, Google's continued effort to enhance its Home app showcases the vast potential for smart home automation. With the integration of smart garage doors and an improved Inbox feed, users can expect a smoother experience while managing their connected devices. Keep an eye out for further updates and remember to try the new features by downloading Google Home version 3.0 or joining the Public Preview program. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Google in the smart home arena.

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