Tubbo to Launch His Own Minecraft Server Soon: The Trailer Is Already Here

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 23 Jul, 2022
Tubbo to Launch His Own Minecraft Server Soon: The Trailer Is Already Here

While some know Toby “Tubbo” Smith mostly as a creator who devotes most of his video content to Minecraft, there’s more to him than this. As if it wasn’t enough for him to be also a successful musician, he exploits further his popularity in the Minecraft community. The logical step for him is to start his own Minecraft server, which is exactly what Tubbo’s about to do.

Previously, he mostly used a well-known Dream CMP server which was also home to various contests and social activities. It was a great platform to gain his popularity and promote his first works, both right in the game and in his videos and streams. But all the years he’s been in the limelight, he slowly worked on creating his own playground, and now he’s about to reveal it.

TubNet (this is the name of Tubbo’s Minecraft server) was announced at the TwitchCon 2022, along with the first event that brought in 32 competitors. The concept of it is hardly different from other servers that allow players from the whole world to participate in various activities (such as – literally – team building) or exchange items. The difference is Tubbo’s style that will be present through the server. Not that annoying advertising as some might think, but rather a creator’s stroke will characterize TubNet as an author’s project. Another difference he emphasizes is that TubNet will support Bedrock and Java editions simultaneously while most servers stick to one of them.

It's a logical aim for a creator who built his career within an interactive environment but has been developing one-way content which consumers only had to watch and listen to. The feedback was limited to just comments, and while they were enough to encourage the author for the next step, Tubbo obviously wants more engagement from his audience.

Do you think that Tubbo will make the Minecraft experience better indeed? Have you seen any of his streams or maybe heard his tracks? Welcome to the comments where we can discuss it!

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