Top Games Departing PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium in July

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 28 Jun, 2023
Top Games Departing PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium in July

Gamers are in for a surprise this July with PlayStation Plus. Some of our favorite titles, including "Bioshock Collection," "Borderlands Collection," and the newly released "Stray," will be leaving the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium services. Let's dive into the upcoming changes and what they mean for players relying on these platforms for entertainment.

The Bioshock and Borderlands Collections involve several remarkable games that have been enjoyed by players globally. Unfortunately, players leveraging PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium will no longer enjoy these games, effective from July. Sony's move underscores the constant shift in the gaming industry, as companies continuously update their libraries to keep their services active and appealing to users.

Additionally, the introduction of "Stray," a game set in a dystopian city of robots, will not be enjoyed for longer on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. Although its release and subsequent removal come as a surprise to many gamers, the expiration of the licensing agreements between the publishing companies and Sony likely influenced this decision.

Sony has yet to release an official statement regarding the matter. However, the gaming community speculates it is an effort to give space for potential new additions. Regular shuffling of game collections ensures variety, maintaining users' interest while exploring new frontiers in the gaming world.

While it's disheartening to see favorite titles leave, it paves the way for new content. Players can look forward to new game additions, promising them a fresh set of adventures and challenges. Gamers should keep an eye out for any updates or announcements from Sony and make the most out of their remaining time with these iconic game titles on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium.

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