Telegram Update Added the Ability to Split Groups and Video Message Transcription

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 05 Nov, 2022
Telegram Update Added the Ability to Split Groups and Video Message Transcription

Telegram is rightfully the leader among instant messaging applications that are protected by encryption. Given the very serious competition, this is indeed a significant success. Until recently, the application was completely free and only this summer the developers added a paid subscription, which practically does not affect the functionality, but adds a lot of nice bonuses for its owners. Meanwhile, Telegram regularly releases useful updates and functionality that are available to both paid and free subscribers.

Premium users will now have access to the transcription of video messages, which can be very handy if you're in a situation where you can't carefully review what's been sent to you. Previously, this feature was only available for voice messages. And although there are free transcription methods, however, the premium subscription makes this process extremely simple and convenient.

A separate and important addition is the possibility of splitting groups, where there are many participants. If you have a community with more than 200 members, then it will be convenient to switch topics in it, so as to highlight the right one for yourself. This is a kind of thematic chat within the group, which has the full functionality of the group.

Another small but interesting update is the management of "collectible usernames," which will allow you to give unique and catchy names to your communities and accounts. Also, a number of themed emoticons for Halloween have appeared. And a number of changes were made to the design of the application so that the usability was made even smoother and more convenient.

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