Telegram May Introduce Premium Accounts Soon, with Stickers and Emoji Not for Everyone

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 09 May, 2022
Telegram May Introduce Premium Accounts Soon, with Stickers and Emoji Not for Everyone

Everybody else is doing it, why Telegram can’t? Telegram Beta 8.7.2 for iOS contains some data that can interpreted as preparations for introducing a Premium mode. The dataminers who got their hands on this version discovered emoji reactions and stickers that are not available for everyone. Probably this isn’t the only thing about the upcoming TG Premium.

The way these stickers and emoji will be used hints that Telegram prepares to roll out a wide campaign. Not only will these reactions and stickers be only visible to Premium users. The rest will probably see an offer to join Telegram Premium instead. It’s not clear whether premium stickers and reaction emoji will be sold separately. So far, though, they are the only features confirmed by the Telegram Beta channel (though it’s not official, so wait for further announcements).

What else would Telegram Premium offer? There is no evidence beyond these images so far, but there must be more to it. What comes to mind is new publishing features, ad-free experience, and more advanced interface customization. It can also offer more cloud storage options (probably cutting it down to some 2 GB for free users). Nothing is known about the pricing yet, but probably it will be rather low.

In the meantime, Telegram keeps implementing new features for everyone. The most recent pack includes custom durations for muting chats, a new set of animations, and custom notification tones. Forwarding has also been improved; now if you forward a reply to some message, the forwarded message will include the original.

What would motivate you to subscribe to Telegram Premium? How much are you ready to pay monthly for these features? Do you think they can restrict some currently free features and make them Premium-only? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


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