Photoshop Online Version Becomes Free

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 25 Jun, 2022
Photoshop Online Version Becomes Free

Photoshop went online a long time ago. Yet in 2022, there may be a revolutionary turn by Adobe which has decided to make the web version of Photoshop completely free. In addition, it now lets users create new documents online and collaborate on them. The features of the free Photoshop will not be cut, so current users may keep using it for free too.

What does Adobe try to achieve with this decision? First, it has something in common with the early years of Photoshop when millions of users all over the world used pirated versions, paying nothing for them. Adobe seemed to turn its blind eye to that, but for a reason: when yesterday’s students became professionals, they had already chosen Photoshop as their primary tool and were ready and able to pay for it (or require that their employer would pay).

Adobe Creative Suite leaves no place for such tricks, being subscription-based. But while its advantages are only available to subscribers, the effect of early contact with future users seems to water down. And the rivalry seems to grow, which is shown by the case of Canva. This online photo editor with a free basic plan has won the hearts of millions by its availability and easy upgrade if someone needs more tools or cloud storage. Now Adobe doesn’t want to lose its future users to Canva and its likes.

Another reason to introduce free Photoshop may be the big data to collect. Free users will leave lots of traces: their actions, their needs, the way they use Photoshop, and so on. This may be a big key to making Photoshop easier to use for those not yet willing to pay for it – and then luring them into the Creative Suite.

Have you ever used a pirated version of Photoshop or other creative apps? Did you buy the software afterward? And what about Photoshop Online: are its features enough to edit pictures the way you like? If you have something to say, you can leave a comment below.


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