Next Tomb Raider Will be Open World, Set in India – Rumour

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 07 May, 2024
Next Tomb Raider Will be Open World, Set in India – Rumour

In 2022, Crystal Dynamics announced that they were developing a new Tomb Raider game, and recent whispers hint at thrilling updates regarding its environment and mechanics. According to details leaked by Twitter user V Scooper, who has a reliable history of sharing information on entertainment topics, the forthcoming game promises a thrilling journey through India. This game marks a departure into a fully open-world experience for the first time in the series.

The storyline is set to unfold following a natural disaster in northern India, which unveils ancient ruins and artifacts from the time of King Ashoka. The narrative follows Lara Croft as she competes against the Society of Raiders, a group portrayed as having similarities to Lara but with conflicting objectives.

Players are expected to traverse expansive landscapes on motorcycles, use parachutes, and leverage Lara's parkour skills. The game reportedly will emphasize stealth and non-lethal combat techniques more. Additionally, a novel feature in the game includes a recruitment system where players can assemble teams to assist strategically during missions.

Previous leaks mentioned that the game would introduce players to a contemporary setting altered by a mysterious catastrophic event, featuring a Lara Croft more seasoned than ever. Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 5, this next installment promises a visually-rich and immersive playing experience. Moreover, Amazon Games has been tasked with publishing the game, aiming for broader engagement and distribution.

Submerse yourself in the rich history and breathtaking environments of India with the latest Tomb Raider adventure. Explore ancient mysteries and confront new challenges in this eagerly anticipated open-world game.

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