Microsoft Brings Paste as Plain Text Option to Windows 11 and 10 Apps

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 28 Feb, 2023
Microsoft Brings Paste as Plain Text Option to Windows 11 and 10 Apps

Microsoft is set to bring significant changes to the copy and paste function for some Windows users. The company has announced that it will add a “paste as plain text” option with PowerToys, allowing users of the open-source platform a much smoother experience when copying information over. This update was discovered in a Github post, where developers outlined how it would work in any app supported by PowerToys.

Currently, PowerToys users are limited by their lack of full paste functions. These features allow users to simply copy text without retaining any formatting such as size, color or other differences. With this new update, though, Ctrl+Win+V key presses will activate the paste as plain text option – although users can also create custom shortcuts if they wish.

The introduction of this new feature is part of an overall effort from Microsoft towards modernizing the user experience on its platforms – something that has been lacking for some time now, according to many critics. Many believe that this could be one step closer towards total integration between different services such as Office 365 and Outlook on mobile devices like phones or tablets – something which could make life much easier for heavy computer users who move between various devices regularly throughout their day-to-day activities.

Other features within PowerToys include things such as window management tools or keyboard shortcut customizations – all designed with productivity in mind and focused around making tasks more straightforward and quicker than ever before possible on specific versions of Windows OSs (Operating Systems). Alongside these efforts made by Microsoft towards improving user experiences across its products, there have also been many recent developments into Artificial Intelligence technologies - which may soon be used more widely within everyday computing applications soon enough!

All in all then, this latest development from Microsoft regarding the “paste as plain text” feature should prove beneficial for anyone using Windows 11 & 10 apps with PowerToys installed, making copying information over far easier than before previously possible!

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