Massive Update Aims to Fix The Last of Us Part I PC Issues

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 26 Apr, 2023
Massive Update Aims to Fix The Last of Us Part I PC Issues

The highly anticipated release of The Last of Us Part I on PC faced numerous challenges, including long shader loading times, crashes, camera jitters, and overall poor performance. However, developers Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have been working hard to rectify these issues through a series of updates. Their latest patch, update 1.0.4, is their most significant effort yet to optimize the game and improve the playing experience for users.

The primary focus of update 1.0.4 is optimizing CPU and GPU usage for better performance across various settings. This should help players who have been struggling with framerate drops and stuttering during gameplay. Additionally, the game's fidelity on lower settings will be boosted, allowing for a more enjoyable experience even on less powerful systems.

Another crucial aspect of this update is the improvement made to the shader building. Many players reported exceptionally long loading times for shaders since the game's launch on PC last month. With this patch in place, those issues should be significantly reduced, making for a smoother gaming experience overall.

One of the main culprits behind The Last of Us Part I's PC problems were compatibility issues with AMD processors. Update 1.0.4 addresses these concerns directly by resolving various AMD-related problems that previously plagued users with this type of hardware.

At over 25 GB in size, this update is not only hefty but also likely includes even more fixes than what has been explicitly mentioned by Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy so far. Players can expect a much-improved gaming experience following this substantial update as the developers continue their efforts to refine The Last of Us Part I on computers further down the line.

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