Immortality by Sam Barlow Arrives On Mobile for Netflix Subscribers Only

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 23 Nov, 2022
Immortality by Sam Barlow Arrives On Mobile for Netflix Subscribers Only

Released this summer on Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms, Immortality has finally made its way to mobile devices. The full-motion video game developed by Sam Barlow – the creator of Her Story and the screenwriter of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – is now available on Android and iOS mobile devices via Netflix. Streaming service subscribers can enjoy Immortality by downloading it for free. 

Immortality incorporates some recognizable elements of Barlow's earlier works. A famous actress Marissa Marcel is missing, and players have to establish her fate using whatever few clues and leads they have. The actress is known to have appeared in three movies, none of which ever ran in theatres. The player is to sort through scenes from three unreleased films and analyze a ton of behind-the-scenes material to understand what could have happened to Marissa.

Critics highly praise Immortality for a thoughtful game design, gripping narrative, and excellent cinematography, pointing out that the game contains many intriguing secrets, uncovering which will give players a blast. Many say the FMV game is Barlow's finest work yet. 

Immortality is the latest title purchased as a mobile exclusive by the Netflix streaming service since it began energetically pushing its way into the gaming industry a few years back. As part of its ongoing effort to gain more recognition in the video game market, the service also added Into the Breach, Spiritfarer, and Moonlighter to its roster of mobile-exclusive titles some time ago. Seeking to enhance its development capabilities, Netflix has bought Night School Studio and Spry Fox, the studios behind the popular supernatural thriller Oxenfree and life simulation Cozy Grove.

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