Google Play Enables You to Track App Installation on Other Devices

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 03 Oct, 2022
Google Play Enables You to Track App Installation on Other Devices

One of the latest updates Google Play received is the ability to track the installation process on other devices. This is a step to further integrate the entire ecosystem of Android and ChromeOS devices which also may lead to better experience with non-smartphone ones. It comes along with Play Protect accessibility changes.

Starting with Play Store v32.4, Google Play will be able to display the installation process across all the devices with the same Google account. It’s not working so far, but probably it will require some server-side updates, so all we can do is wait. When the update is implemented, we will see how apps are installed on other devices – just as we have been able to while installing the app from, say, a PC and watching the app being installed on the smartphone or the tablet. You will also be able to cancel the installation if necessary.

What’s the use of this feature? Where it will be the most convenient is installing apps to non-smartphone devices, like TV, cars, watches, or TV dongles and consoles, as they become more and more popular. Controlling them from a smartphone or a tablet will be way easier than using non-so-usable TV remotes or watch displays. The same will apply to removing apps. For the same reason, obviously, Google Play introduces a dedicated tab for non-smartphone apps, split into three subtabs for cars, TVs, and watches.

Another addition on Android 13 is about security. Now, the Settings app will host the Play Protect security information about apps you install. This puts all the security information in one place, making it easier to search for some issues you may be concerned about.

If you have a device running Android 13, have you noticed these changes? Do you find them useful in your case? Tell us what you think about these new features in the comments!

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