Gmail and Google Chat Users Get Advanced Search Options

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 22 Oct, 2022
Gmail and Google Chat Users Get Advanced Search Options

The first association with the word Google is certainly connected with its main purpose as a search engine. However, despite being widely known in this niche, the company is tirelessly working on its services and applications. Recent changes have affected the company's applications such as Chat and Gmail, which have affected primarily search-related add-ons.

After the last update, when using Google Chat on mobile devices, the user will see suggestions pop up when they enter a query in the corresponding search box. Suggestions from the app will be based primarily on your search history, so you can find the chats you use the most much faster.

The changes also affected Gmail, where labels were updated. You can now search each label separately and get more accurate results because no redundant information will be returned. Another useful solution was to return related results in case your Gmail search query did not return any results. This was a good decision because it is not always a clear match to the search string that determines the best result.

So far, according to Google, the update that allows you to give suggestions while searching in Google Chat is only available to users of mobile devices on Android, but iOS users will be able to access them by the end of this month. And the new functionality for Gmail can be tested by all users right now. Also, you no longer need a Google Workspace account to use these apps, as you now only need a Google account to use the new tools.

How useful do you find the ability to search Google Chat to provide clues based on your history? Have you ever thought about the need to search in individual tabs in Gmail? Please share your opinion with others in the comments below.

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