Ark Survival Ascended to be Priced Higher and Release Later Than Expected

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 10 Apr, 2023
Ark Survival Ascended to be Priced Higher and Release Later Than Expected

Fans of the dinosaur survival game Ark were disappointed last week when developers Studio Wildcard announced that Ark 2 would be delayed until late 2024. Along with this news, however, came a surprising announcement – that a remastered version of the popular survival game was on its way in August 2023. Unfortunately, after fan backlash regarding their original pricing plans for the remaster, Studio Wildcard has decided to change things up.

The Unreal Engine 5 remaster will now be available separately for $59.99 across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X platforms – an increase from its initially planned bundle price of $49.99 alongside access to Ark 2. Additionally, all expansions originally planned as separate purchases are now included in the package at no extra cost; however, this comes as little consolation given the increased pricing and delayed release window compared to what was initially expected.

Despite these changes coming as a surprise to fans who had already pre-ordered the bundle at its original price point, there is still plenty of anticipation surrounding what’s set to come with this new version of Ark Survival Evolved Remaster. It promises improved visuals thanks to Unreal Engine 5 technology as well as other enhancements such as better AI agents and improved networking code, which should make playing online much smoother than before.

This new version also includes updated content, such as weapons and armor sets that weren’t available in previous versions, giving players access to more powerful items they can use while exploring dangerous environments filled with dinosaurs looking for their next meal! Furthermore, it adds numerous quality-of-life improvements, such as building structures faster or being able to control tamed creatures using voice commands via Xbox Voice Chat or PlayStation Network Party Chat, which should go far towards making gameplay more enjoyable overall!


It’s clear that despite having some growing pains along the way (such as increasing prices), Studio Wildcard is pushing forward with its ambitious plans for an even bigger ARK experience in late 2024 when Arc 2 launches alongside this remastered version! With exciting features like Unreal Engine 5 graphics and enhanced AI agents promised, there’s no doubt fans will eagerly await every bit of information leading up to release day!

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