Apple TV Develops Multi-View Feature for Enjoying Sports Content

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 29 Mar, 2023
Apple TV Develops Multi-View Feature for Enjoying Sports Content

Apple TV is developing a new multi-view feature that allows users to watch up to four sports content simultaneously. This feature has already been launched by YouTube TV, and it appears that Apple’s streaming devices are now working on a similar option. Picture-in-picture mode is already supported in the existing system. However, the 4-up multiview functionality will bring more convenience and comfort while watching sports content.

The code found in the latest iOS beta reveals more references than before to this “MultiView” feature which indicates that it is being worked on more aggressively than before. It appears that this experience will be tied to Apple’s own TV app rather than other features across their other devices, as well as prompting users with options during the browsing of sports content within the app itself. With investments from Apple into streaming sports content continuously increasing, this new development makes perfect sense for those who want an even better experience when enjoying such material.

It makes sense that Apple has decided to take this approach as there is already plenty of competition with regard to multi-view options available from other streaming services such as YouTube TV and Fubo. Plus, with its recent investments in streaming sports content, this move could help give it an edge when competing with those platforms.

The launch of this new multi-view feature by YouTube TV earlier this month has set a precedent for others like Apple to follow suit and provide customers with an improved way of consuming live sporting events without missing out on any important moments or having too many windows open at once. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further developments from all streaming services alike in terms of how we view our favorite content online.

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