Project Cars 3 Review: A Bold Leap from Sim to Arcade Thrills

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 10 Jun, 2024
Project Cars 3 Review: A Bold Leap from Sim to Arcade Thrills

Embarking on a New Journey in Racing Games The racing game genre has seen its fair share of evolution and change, but perhaps none as divisive and bold as the latest entry in the Project Cars series. Project Cars 3 marks a significant departure from its predecessors; eschewing simulation stalwarts like tire wear and fuel management in favor of a more inclusive, adrenaline-pumping experience tailored to fans of series like Forza Motorsport. This shift has left many wondering whether it remains a sim racer at heart or has transformed into something entirely new. After a thorough exploration, the conclusion is clear: Project Cars 3 is a thrilling ride that prioritizes fun over fidelity, and it's all the better for it.

A New Direction in Handling

One can't discuss Project Cars 3 without addressing its overhauled handling model. The series, notorious for its inconsistent vehicle control, has finally found its footing. The developers have engineered a delightful balance where cars, despite their tendency to oversteer, can be easily managed with a bit of skill. This change transforms a previously tedious aspect of the series into an absolute joy, exhilarating every moment behind the wheel.

Revamped Experience


Beyond the driving mechanics, Project Cars 3 takes players on an unexpected journey, much like enhancing a simple car repair with vibrant underfloor lighting and booming subwoofers. It's a stark transformation that trades simulation for spectacle, drawing inspiration from various franchises to rejuvenate its format. This new direction casts the series into hardcore arcade racing, a move that might surprise many but ultimately succeeds in making the game more accessible and entertaining.

Comparisons and Improvements

The career mode in Project Cars 3 borrows heavily from Forza Motorsport, guiding players from humble beginnings in a road car to competing in beastly, track-ready machines. However, this transition is not without its flaws. The interface is cluttered, AI behavior is erratic, and technical imperfections abound. Despite these issues, the core gameplay, emphasizing upgrading and customizing cars, remains compelling and rewarding.

Authentic Touches Amid Arcade Action


Straying from the path of hardcore simulation has paradoxically allowed Project Cars 3 to embrace a new level of authenticity. The game proudly features a remarkable array of vehicles and components, showcasing esteemed brands such as Pirelli and Michelin. These details, combined with a generous roster of cars and tracks, provide a level of immersion that rivals and sometimes surpasses that of the series' more polished competitors.

Driving Home the Point

Project Cars 3 might not adhere strictly to the simulation roots that defined its lineage, but it forges a new identity that is both refreshing and exhilarating. Blending authentic racetrack experiences with the joy of arcade racing creates a compelling package that's hard to put down. The game celebrates motorsport in all its forms, from the thunderous roar of a Porsche 911 RSR to the elegance of a Lotus Climax cutting through the rain at Cadwell Park.

Final Thoughts


While Project Cars 3 still bears the hallmarks of its series, including moments of technical inelegance, it boldly strides into a new domain where fun meets authenticity. This transformation may stir debate among purists, but for those open to its brash arcade flair, it represents a vibrant new chapter in racing games. Project Cars 3 has indeed found its true calling, providing an exhilarating experience that welcomes newcomers and veterans alike to the diverse world of motorsport.

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