Fun and Exciting Alternatives to Kingdom Hearts for Playstation 4 Players

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 24 Feb, 2023
Fun and Exciting Alternatives to Kingdom Hearts for Playstation 4 Players

If you have been playing the Kingdom Hearts series on your Playstation 4 (PS4) console, you know it is a great game full of adventure and action. But after all the hours spent playing through each story arc, many players are looking for something new and exciting. Luckily, plenty of games like Kingdom Hearts available on the PS4 that will provide gamers with an enjoyable experience they won’t soon forget. From action-adventure titles to role-playing games, here are seven alternatives to Kingdom Hearts that will keep you entertained for hours.

Final Fantasy XV

This installment in the long-running Final Fantasy franchise follows Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum as he fights across Eos to reclaim his throne from Niflheim Empire. With its stunning visuals and engaging combat system, Final Fantasy XV is sure to captivate any fan of the RPG genre. While there may be no Disney characters in this title, Kingdom Hearts fans will still appreciate its deep storyline and vibrant world filled with unique characters and creatures that make up this sprawling fantasy universe.

The Last Guardian

Developed by Team Ico and released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2016, The Last Guardian tells a heartfelt story about an unlikely friendship between a young boy named Trico and one of his mysterious guardians known only as “The Last Guardian”. As Trico learns more about this enigmatic creature while their journey together progresses, players must navigate various dangers to complete their mission safely. Though Kingdom Hearts has never had much emphasis on emotional storytelling or character development, those who enjoy these aspects can find solace in The Last Guardian's touching narrative, which makes it a great alternative if you're looking for something different than traditional hack'n slash gameplay found within most action-RPGs.

The Last Guardian game

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Level 5's sequel to Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch features numerous improvements over its predecessor, such as an improved battle system which allows players to control both human characters as well as monsters known as Higgledies during encounters with enemies - introducing a unique strategic element not found elsewhere within similar titles on PS4. Furthermore, its colorful anime style visuals coupled with outstanding voice acting really bring out the charm of this charming JRPG title, making it another great choice when searching for alternatives to Square Enix’s flagship series - especially if one desires solid turn-based combat mechanics instead of real time battles featured prominently throughout KH saga's history so far.

Dark Souls III

After gaining immense popularity due in part thanks to its unforgiving difficulty level mixed with immensely satisfying combat system along with rewarding exploration elements sprinkled throughout various areas seen throughout third installment - Dark Souls III surely deserves mention among other games similar yet different from beloved Disney/Square Enix collaboration currently exclusive solely PlayStation brand platforms. Although similarities between two IPs mentioned above might seem limited at first glance, hardcore fans could easily draw parallels between them based upon their shared approach towards challenging player but ultimately rewarding him/her should they succeed against all odds facing our favorite protagonists along path leading them towards final confrontation against evil forces threatening entire existence world itself!

Dark Souls III game

Horizon Zero Dawn

One cannot talk about open world RPGs without mentioning Guerrilla Games' masterpiece released back 2017 despite being studio's debut into said genre, which quickly became popular choice amongst gaming community worldwide.. Featuring amazing post apocalyptic setting where robotic machines roam freely while humans attempt reclaiming lost technology order restore balance nature, Horizon Zero Dawn offers interesting blend between classic RPG tropes seen commonly inside KH series alongside breathtakingly beautiful landscapes made possible via power provided by Sony’s proprietary hardware allowing developers push limits current console generation even further resulting magical experience quite unlike anything else before!

Dragon Age Inquisition

BioWare's critically acclaimed masterpiece set within high fantasy universe utilizes similar party based mechanics seen previously inside previous installments however adds few extras ensuring overall quality increases drastically compared earlier entries franchise, thus making perfect substitute anyone looking get same type feeling offered by KHI just slightly altered presentation format. Alongside core quest structure featuring multiple branching storylines depending decisions taken by player during conversations certain NPCs, main plot also includes numerous optional side missions offering additional rewards such weapons armor help prepare protagonist future challenges ahead!.

Dragon Age Inquisition game

NieR Automata

It’s the sequel to the original sci-fi RPG from PlatinumGames, released in 2010. It uses the same basic formula, combining intense aerial combat with simple but effective platforming sequences, allowing users to feel like a real pilot fighting alien invaders on planet Earth, along with a wide range of upgradable equipment providing maximum damage to enemy factions trying to hinder human progress and return home victorious. Despite a completely different art direction from the classic cartoony look characteristic of recent Square Enix games, Nier Automata borrows several ideas straight from the KH playbook, such as context-sensitive commands that allow specific actions, exceptional circumstances occurring during the game, which once again proves why the company is considered a leader in the production of high-end Japanese video games!

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