TikTok Challenging Netflix with a Subscription Comedy Series

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 08 Jun, 2022
TikTok Challenging Netflix with a Subscription Comedy Series

We had it coming. The longer the maximum length of TikTok videos was getting, the closer we got to full-length content, and finally it’s there. An 8-episode series produced by Pearpop and Jericho Mencke is already here, and while the first two episodes can be watched for free, the rest of the season will require paid subscription.

Jericho Mencke (also known as @jercho1) is a young comedian popular on TikTok, where his subscribers are in the millions. His collaboration with Pearpop, an agency that specializes in producing and marketing content on social media, resulted in the first full-length series on TikTok, Finding Jericho. Eight 30-minute episodes are on the way. And if you like modern comedy and philosophy, you need to see it.

The idea of the show is simple. Jericho talks to various guests (starting with a clown he has found on Craigslist) about various things like the nature of comedy and laughter, interacting with the audience, funny things in life, and stuff. The skills of Jericho himself who plays all the roles in his videos (both male and female characters) are beyond any doubt. But will he manage to find the guests that match him? To learn that you need to go through the season, and this is sure to be a LOL bomb.

The access to the show, though, is paid. The entire season will cost $4.99. We need to emphasize that making it paid was the decision by Pearpop, not by TikTok. Nevertheless, TikTok as a platform hosts it, which opens new opportunities for creators wishing to monetize their content. And if the experiment is a success, there will be more series like this, scripted or improvised, but (that’s for sure) never dull.

Have you seen the first episodes of Finding Jericho for free when they aired? Did you like them? Are you ready to pay for this type of content? Your opinion matters, so welcome to the comments to speak it out loud! 

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