There Is A Chance That GTA Online Might Be Getting Fast Travel Mechanic Soon

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 21 Nov, 2022
There Is A Chance That GTA Online Might Be Getting Fast Travel Mechanic Soon

There is a lot to criticize GTA 5 online mode for, starting with laggy explosion effects and ending with how women are portrayed in this game. There is also no denying that Grand Theft Auto Online has remained one of the most attention-worthy and profitable Rockstar titles to date. First released in 2013, GTA V has sold a crazy 170M units of the game worldwide by November 2022.

However, although the online mode of the game is being continuously updated with new content, there is one particular feature missing that longstanding franchise fans have been pleading for all this time – fast travel. And it seems that Rockstar has finally decided to do something about that.

A recent survey by Rockstar conducted among a limited number of GTA Online players showed that the function of fast travel was one of several features players would like to see implemented in the game most. Even though there are ways to travel faster in the game, none allows you to be transported to the desired location instantly. There is no clear understanding or agreement within the fan community on how this fast travel mechanic should work, but many say they would like it to be similar to the systems used in Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed. 

Next year, GTA Online will have turned ten years old. While most players are already hoping for the release of GTA VI, many of them still appreciate getting new GTA 5 content, so an update in the form of fast travel capabilities would make the waiting period more tolerable. Provided, of course, that the new functionality – if ever implemented – will not be reserved exclusively for GTA+ subscribers only.

Would you like to see a fast travel method introduced in the Grand Theft Auto Online game? How do you think it should work? Speak up in the comments below this post!


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