Promising sniper puzzler Children of the Sun shoots for release next month

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 13 Mar, 2024
Promising sniper puzzler Children of the Sun shoots for release next month

"Children of the Sun," an innovative indie game that blends puzzle elements with shooting mechanics, is set to make its PC debut on April 9. Players looking for an early taste of the action can dive into the game's demo available on Steam, which recently gained attention during the latest Steam Next Fest. Characterized by its distinct neon aesthetics and thought-provoking stages, its compelling "just one more attempt" gameplay dynamic significantly enhances the game's replay value.

In "Children of the Sun," players are armed with a rifle that holds a single bullet at a time, necessitating creative strategies to reroute and bend the bullet's trajectory mid-air. This maneuver allows players to navigate through intricate levels, eliminating cultists and bypassing obstacles, all while maintaining a sharp focus. Mastering the art of efficiently redirecting the bullet is initially challenging but becomes rewarding as players strive to achieve faster completion times through speedrunning.

Having had the opportunity to experience the game firsthand, my analysis revealed "Children of the Sun" as a captivating indie title that successfully merges elements of suspenseful sniper gameplay with the intricate strategy found in puzzle games. The game draws inspiration from diverse sources, incorporating the intensity of "Killer7" and the fleeting opportunities presented in "Hitman's Elusive Contracts," all viewed through a darkly inviting lens.

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