Netflix Mobile Games Reach 13M Downloads

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 26 Jun, 2022
Netflix Mobile Games Reach 13M Downloads

Netflix launched its gaming section in November 2021 – not a long time for a completely new branch. But now, it already boasts quite a solid number of 13 million downloads. This number may be less impressive than you expected, but for a (frankly speaking) secondary part of its business, it’s still an achievement.

Among Netflix games, there are both takes on classic, like Teeter (Up) or Asphalt Xtreme, and titles based on IP by Netflix, like two Stranger Things installments. As of June 2022, Netflix’s roster contains 23 games of various genres, including RPG, racing games, quests, card games, action, strategies, and casual puzzles. All the games are available on both App Store and Google Play, and 13 million is the overall number of downloads across them both.

It seems it’s time to think of Netflix as an entertainment provider rather than a video streaming service. It’s logical that it competes for every minute of its subscribers’ time. And while they have some five minutes, which aren’t enough to watch an episode or even to begin, casual games come to the rescue. Given that all Netflix games are ad-free and already paid for, it’s logical to choose some of them to kill the time that’s insufficient for watching.

This also explains why there are so many casual games (like those ubiquitous Match 3 puzzles) among what Netflix offers. There will be more soon: for example, Netflix is working on its own chess version, which will be Queen’s Gambit-styled. We’re not sure whether there will be a playable version of Squid Game or a deal with CDPR to add Gwent or another Witcher title. But if it happens, we won’t be surprised much.

Have you found your favorite among Netflix games? Which ones do you enjoy the most? Do you prefer casual titles or more immersive ones? Welcome to the comments where you can drop some names!


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