Monster Hunter Wilds Set to Revolutionize the Series with Cross-play and Speaking Protagonist in 2025

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 09 Jun, 2024
Monster Hunter Wilds Set to Revolutionize the Series with Cross-play and Speaking Protagonist in 2025

During the closing moments of this year's Summer Game Fest, the audience was treated to the premiere of a vibrant new showcase for Monster Hunter Wilds. Accompanying the reveal, it was announced that the game would support cross-platform play among console and PC players.

Slated for a launch in 2025, though lacking a specific release day, the most recent showcase for this forthcoming Capcom adventure highlighted its compelling storyline, enriched by an array of cinematic scenes that underscore the importance of voice acting within the game. In a groundbreaking move for the series, the game will feature a protagonist who is fully capable of speech.

The gameplay glimpse offered shows the hunter, alongside their allies, skillfully navigating through a colossal sandstorm, dodging adversaries. Highlighted is their agile switchability between two types of weapons during combat, marking another innovation for the franchise.

Furthermore, the trailer unveiled an imposing new creature. With its almost indistinct face, save for a wide, luminous mouth; it resembles a fusion between a Lagiacrus and a Gigginox. Its serpentine body effortlessly contours around terrain and obstacles, suggesting it will present a notably erratic challenge.

About ninety seconds into the trailer, viewers are introduced to yet another formidable beast, resembling an enormous pterodactyl capable of hurling lightning bolts. This aligns with the typical encounters one expects from Monster Hunter experiences.

Concluding the trailer, a glimpse at exclusive rewards was provided, available to those importing save data from Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne into Monster Hunter Wilds. These include the Felyne Leather and Felyne Duffel armor sets for the player’s feline friend and a pair of weapons for the companion.

As anticipation builds for Monster Hunter Wilds with its 2025 launch window, enthusiasts are encouraged to add it to their wishlist on platforms such as PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC, although a precise release date is yet to be announced.

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