Google Launches Ad Privacy Features for Its Users

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 23 May, 2022
Google Launches Ad Privacy Features for Its Users

With the tool that Google recently launched, users will be able to configure the ads they see. It can’t turn them off completely (like some of you might hope inside), but with the right adjustments, ads on Google will become more relevant and less annoying. This is what this tool is capable of doing to protect your privacy when it comes to ads.

The name of it is My Ad Center, and it will find its place in your user profile later this year on launch (the date isn’t specified yet). In this center, you will be able to configure which ads you will see on Search, Discover, and YouTube. The primary tool users will have is about categories: choose what ads you’d like to see, from which industries, and by which brands. Those you have chosen as your favorites will appear more frequently, while others less so.

Another tool will work similarly to machine learning algorithms used by Spotify or Netflix. The AI will track your reactions to ads, and the more of them you like, block, or report, the better the system predicts which ad to show you next. The time you spend watching them after you can skip them must also matter. Combined with the tool for brands which enables them to limit the number of shows per one user, it all makes advertising on Google less nauseating.

Given this, Google intends to create a more personalized experience for anyone within its advertising target audience. After all, it helps brands to waste less money on placing irrelevant ads while they can address the interested audience instead. Everyone benefits from decreasing number of advertising duds. Alas, this tool is yet to come; though it has been announced at Google I/O which shows that Google is serious about it, we’ll have to wait a little more.

Do you often get mad at seeing irrelevant of too frequent ads? Would you like to personalize your ad experience? Do you think the new tool by Google will indeed help? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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