Genshin Impact Revenue Reaches $3B on Mobiles Only

  • Samuel Peterson
  • 11 May, 2022
Genshin Impact Revenue Reaches $3B on Mobiles Only

Genshin Impact is one of the most influential games of the decade, and of the most profitable as well. Being present on virtually all the gaming platforms, it performs especially well on mobiles. How much money does it collect? Well, the roughest estimation shows it’s about $1B every six months, and now its total revenue reached $3B. it’s only on phones and tablets.

While for PC and console players Genshin Impact wasn’t such a revelation (though still it is a great game), for mobile players it was a revolution. The visuals and the narrative are superb for its niche, and constant updates make you want to keep up. The game is free-to-play, but players will have to choose between dull grinding and microtransactions to make serious progress.

Along with its free-to-play model and seasonal approach, there is more to Genshin Impact. The narrative continues like a TV show, the characters allow for forming various teams, and the open world is incredibly large for a mobile game. And for its lively unpredictability, it’s not just fed by frequent updates and new content, but also by gacha mechanics: you never know what exactly you purchase in the box, and the chance to find a 5-star character or weapon is usually under 1%. Limited-time Event Wishes make players spend even more in search of rare characters and weapons.

Not being such a pop culture festival as Fortnite, Genshin Impact builds a world of its own. Its universe is a postmodern combination of the real world with its locations and cultures and the world’s legends and fairytales, blended with the JRPG style (though the game is made by miHoYo, currently HoYoverse, from China).

Are you a Genshin Impact player? Have you ever spent real cash on Primogems there? What can you say about this game in general? Welcome to the comments section where you can speak of all things Genshin Impact!


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