Front Mission 2: Remake is Coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on April 30

  • Isabella Hughes
  • 06 Apr, 2024
Front Mission 2: Remake is Coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on April 30

Storm Trident, in collaboration with Forever Entertainment, has unveiled that the eagerly awaited remake of the classic mech-oriented tactical role-playing game, Front Mission 2, will be making its way to gamers across various platforms, including PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One, on April 30. Fans can anticipate the game with a price tag of $34.99, and a demo version is currently accessible for PC users through Steam. A promotional trailer has also been shared to mark this announcement.
Initially introduced to Nintendo Switch players in October 2023, the Front Mission 2: Remake stands as a significant upgrade from its original 1997 PlayStation incarnation, enhancing both the visual and gameplay experience. The narrative follows the intertwined destinies of Ash, Lisa, and Thomas, immersing players in strategic mech combat and intricate storytelling.
Among the notable upgrades in the Front Mission 2 Remake are the improved music and sound effects, along with other essential enhancements such as quicker loading times that leverage the capabilities of modern gaming hardware. Additionally, the inclusion of multiple language support for both dialogue and menu options marks a step towards making the game more accessible to a global audience. Following its initial release, the game also received an update in November, aimed at addressing issues related to in-game cutscenes and adjusting the overall difficulty for a more balanced gameplay experience.

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