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  • New Update for Among Us Is Available New Update for Among Us Is Available The new patch of updates released on Among Us offers players a store, more interesting roles, and a wide range of achievements. Now it is available for everyone. On Tuesday, Among Us released the new packages with lots of presents inside. You may still watch the presentation of updates made as a project presentation from a crew who turned out to be impostors. If you want to clap as energetically as the audience during the presentation you have to enter the game. There are new roles the crewmates can try, more achievements, new cosmetics, and lots of Cosmicubes. The store that...
    • Nov 15, 2021
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  • Roblox Reveals Significant Financial Increase Roblox Reveals Significant Financial Increase Revenues of the popular Roblox platform surpass the $500m thresholds for the 3rd financial quarter. The company has shared its financial report and it looks like its income has grown significantly during the year. The 3rd quarter was closed on September 30. Compared to year-over-year finances, Roblox received a 102 percent increase. The platform has received $509 million in income during Q3. The bookings for them were 28 percent up to $637 million. The net loss is $74 million during the quarter, which is half of the Q2’s loss, which was $140 million. Apart from that, Roblox received the attention of a...
    • Nov 13, 2021
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