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  • 5 Apps Everyone Should Have 5 Apps Everyone Should Have I am here today to tell you about a few apps that I have found to be incredibly useful and, in some cases, life changing. I hope you will take the time to try out these apps and see how they work for you. 1. Horizon What it is: The Horizon app is a social network for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. It was created by a man named Brett Kelly who was once severely depressed and wanted an app that he could use to better connect with others who were going through similar experiences. I have...
    • Jun 08, 2021
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  • Best 4 Tool For Managing Time - Your Own Time Planning Best 4 Tool For Managing Time - Your Own Time Planning Almost all of us are busy. We always have too many tasks to do, too many things to finish, too little time, too little resources and too little patience. We all need some kind of tool in order to manage all the things we have to do. A good tool would help us to do this as efficiently as possible and as painless as possible. The best tool for this is the to-do list. However, we all know that a to-do list is not enough. We need some kind of system that allows us to plan time for each task and...
    • Jun 01, 2021
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