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Unique, handcrafted gourd, table lamp by Kliment Bul, The Light Sculptor

At this moment there is only one available lamp for sale: CANONA

This is my first lamp inspired by a music rule: the canon. There are three main parts in this design:

  1. rhythm: the black pyrographed, strong and straight lines
  2. harmony: the subtle carved perforations
  3. melody: the structure above the harmony.

There are two different kinds of overlapping following the rule of the canon, the first one being melodic, and the second one being both melodic and rhythmic overlapping.


Materials: the head of the lamp is African gourd from Guinea, the base is local walnut.
Gourd diameter: 22cm.
Base diameter: 23cm.
Height: 41cm.
Working time: 7 months.
PRICE: 2500 EUR + shipping.


If you are interested in buying a lamp or have any kind of question, please feel free to write me through After the confirmation for purchase I need one week for the needed paperwork to be completed. In that period the transaction is done and the lamp is ready for shipping. The lamp is packed using the highest safety rules for transporting an art piece. I make custom hard box for every lamp, using 18mm plywood and the lamp itself is protected with bubble wrap, surrounded by styrofoam cubes so it can stay at the same position in the center of the box while the box is moved. It’s quite heavy, but the lamp inside it’s in the safest place and that is the main priority. The lamp is fully insured during the transport and it is delivered by a courier. On average it takes 3 working days for shipping. I do ship worldwide.

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