Kliment Bul

Kliment Bul, The Light Sculptor

I was born in 1981 in Ohrid, Macedonia, where I still live and work.


When I work on a gourd you see almost not moving man working on a very small area with his tiny tools, and that picture is quite boring, but in my head it is the most dramatic process. I feel overwhelmed and tired, I’m experiencing pure joy and disappointment, love and anger, all of that in a single day, or just in a few moments. That is very addictive to me.


Why so much detailed lamps? Although I would say it is just for the love of it, it’s also a rebellious statement against the instant way of today’s living. We train our attention only on short, quick tasks, and that can easily become shallow and dangerous. One lamp can take half a year of countless risky tasks, not knowing what the final result will be like. As it is a deep technical exploration of the mysterious spherical wood, it is also a deep introspection of personal limits.


Why gourd lamps? For me it’s a very simple story of instant inspiration. For quite some time I was looking to make something creative using my hands, something that you can see and touch. After some time I stumbled upon Calabarte lamps. What followed was really easy and clear desicion for me.


Making something unique is a very tempting challenge. My previous involvements in art were through music and literature. After you finish a music composition, you record it in a studio, and then it can be heard by everyone who buys it. When you finish a book, it is printed and it can be read by as many people as the number of copies sold. And it is the same book for everyone. It is the same song for everyone. The only difference is the personal impression. Well, the gourd lamp is only one. It cannot be duplicated on so many cd’s, it cannot be printed on so many pages. It’s only one cd. It’s only one book. And even when it is in front of you, you can see almost half of the lamp. There is always ongoing mystery about its appearance. And I just love that!

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