Table lamp, gourd lamp by Kliment Bul, The Light Sculptor

The hidden story behind a lamp design

This is my only made to order lamp so far. Although this lamp has an unique feature that I find very exciting (the tiny carved apertures below the brown triangles), what I want to talk about here is the storytelling aspect of every design. I think every lamp should have a good story inspiring its design. What the client wanted in this case was a lamp with Pythagoras tree motif. What I found challenging in this fractal motif was the man behind this rule, Pythagoras himself. My final goal was to make a place, or to be more exact: an intellectual planet (the spherical gourd) for himself where he would be happy to spend some time. As I was reading about him, he was quite an outdoors-man, and I wanted to recreate that environment: tree garden, sunshine, wind, water… So I recreated the four basic elements: Fire (the sun symbol on the top of the lamp), Water (the four rivers that flows to the roots of the trees), Air (the cascade shape around each tree which represents wind blowing) and Earth (or Soil, where the wooden roots are „growing“). The triangle bridges above the rivers are actual bridges, fortified on the river banks and being separated from the „water“ below. He can use them to cross the rivers and walk through this imaginary garden of intellectual trees. Why I say intellectual trees? These particular fractal trees are representing his thoughts. Like the real trees in nature which are some sort of fractals, I see the human thoughts as fractals also. They work following the same rule. They branch in the exact same manner as tree branches while growing. And while on first glance you see tree-like shadows when the lamp is lighted, I want to see it more like a thought-like shadows built in a certain and unique way (the mathematical rule of the Pythagoras theorem) from a unique man. I see these shadows as a part of his intellectual legacy to this world.

On the overall look I also wanted to achieve tree-like shape: the base being the roots, the vertically stacked triangular prisms being the trunk, and the gourd itself being the crown of the tree.

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